Tewkesbury Chimney Sweep

Posted by admin on Mon, 02/15/2010 - 01:41 in Chimney Sweep News

Well another sweep completed in the lovely town of Tewkesbury.

I was asked by my client about buying seasoned wood in Tewkesbury.

The trouble with buying this type of firewood is that the firewood supplier is likely to tell you it's well-seasoned when it really isn't. It may look dead and he just cut them up and split them for you quickly. The truth of the matter is that dead trees / wood does not season at the same rate as wood that's been split and stacked or piled where the sun and air get to it. Check that your supplier of wood provides a good quality.

With a bit of practice you can learn the basics of seasoned wood. One good sign is that the bark has loosened its hold, or has already been knocked off with handling. Also, the log ends have slightly darkened, dried out and started to crack in places this should not to be confused with the deeper split marks from a log cutter or axe.