Cost of Chimneys Fires UK

Posted by admin on Mon, 02/15/2010 - 02:51 in Chimney Sweep News

I am always asked how much it costs for a chimney installation. Please feel free to use the following information to get a good idea of the costs associated with this chimney renovation and construction projects. If you have any other prices you think can be added or changed, please contact me with any updates and or changes.

This is just a guide to provide you with some ideas of costings. For a 1930s fire installation (new fire) it should be around 1500 - 2000 pounds (all in) but shop around.

Reconstruction of any Chimney is difficult to assess and no repair can be called typical, since there are a large amount of variables such as height, required scaffolding, building materials will have to be taken into consideration. Therefore it is recommended that you call three possible suppliers for quotes and base your choice not on price but the contractors reputation and references. Try to visit a job that the contractor has worked on.

Prices are in pounds.

Re-brick Chimney above roofline - single flue     150.00 - up lin.ft.
Re-brick Chimney above roofline - double flue     200.00 - up lin.ft.
Replace Prefabed Chimney section     65.00 - 150.00 per section
Repoint Masonry - above roofline     20.00 - 50.00 per row
Install Chimney Cap     125.00 - 500.00 each
Chimney/rain Cap     35.00 - 100.00 each