Worcestershire MPs - Sweep up the cash

Posted by admin on Mon, 12/28/2009 - 11:33 in Chimney Sweep News

I was suprised to read in the Malvern Gazette the amount of expenses that have been claimed in regards to Chimney Sweeps within Worcestershire. I have never cleaned an MP's chimney – at least, not that I am aware of.

It says this in the Malvern Gazette:

"HOW MUCH HE CLAIMED IN 2008/09: £19,968.77 Cost of hotel stays: Mortgage/rent: Food: Utilities: £2,095.94 Council tax: £2,681.73 Telephone: - Cleaning: £3,616.50 Service/maintenance: £4,440.55 Repairs/insurance/ security: £2,212.72 Others: £4,921.33 Total: £19,968.77 Some of the items you paid for: £3,025: decorating master bedroom, en-suite and front of house £54: bathroom work, including the fixture of seven crystal knobs to units and wardrobe £68: window cleaning £55: chimney sweep £40: pest control £25: petrol for lawnmower £23.45: tomato plants and compost £6.49: one tin of wood preserve £6.25: a hard broom"

If you want me to pop round next year for a sweep MPs then drop me a line. But I think you may be paying the bill yourself?


Anonymous on Mon, 12/28/2009 - 21:35

This is not good

Mps expenses are not great for our country. Lets hope after the election things will improve.