It's All in a Day's Sweep In Redditch

Posted by admin on Mon, 12/28/2009 - 14:25 in Chimney Sweep News

With the dark nights are rolling in on Redditch. It was a tranquil day visiting my old hometown to carry out a chimney sweep. As the Redditch folk know.... there is nothing quite as nice as a roaring fire on a chilly winter's evening. To enjoy this little luxury, however, you'll have to at some stage tackle the problem of cleaning your chimney. If you don't maintain your chimney, you will have an increased risk of chimney fire.

With many people facing an uncertain future over the festive period – thanks to the world's troubled finances and temperatures – it seems we are finding comfort by looking to the past, and in that there has been a sudden upsturge in chimney sweep bookings in Redditch.

The chimney sweep customer from Redditch noticed some dark soot marks just above the fire that looked like they had been there for at least a year. I was glad to provide her with the advice that I suspected it was a candle. If a candle does burn you may notice that you have dark streaks on your walls, picture frames or around the home.

So, the question was, is this black stuff soot?

The anwer to the question is yes it is.

As I consider myself a competent chimney sweep I was able to identify the problem, although the customer had a range of fuel-burining appliances this seems to be the most likely suspect.

As the particles grow in size from the soot these become airborne collisions which are eventually forced by gravity to settle on tables, counters and other areas throughout the home.

Remember Redditch -- burning candles should always be watched and kept away from flammable materials.

Here is a picture of Redditch in the snow.