Fire up your fireplace

Posted by admin on Wed, 01/06/2010 - 17:29 in Chimney Sweep News

Firing up those fireplaces can be an excellent way to generate some heat and save money.

Knowing when and how to use one, though, can mean the difference between warming your home and burning it down.

Not so long ago I remember getting up on the roof to clean it with a brush. A safe fire means a regular chimney sweep.

Firefighters make numerous calls this time of the year because of fireplaces.

If you have a woodburner you need to check that the pipe is cold and properly ventilating so the smoke went into the house instead of up in the chimney. Make sure you open the damper. All chimneys are different shapes and sizes. The black soot is called Creoste and you need to ensure that there is lining of a chimney or the flu. Also check for any cracks. If you do see a few cracks then that is ok, as long as they are small.