Evesham Chimney Fire In Elm Road

Posted by admin on Thu, 01/28/2010 - 23:40 in Chimney Sweep News

I could only find a USA fire picture. LOL

Evesham fire crews attended a fire incident down the road from my home in Elm Road, Evesham last Tuesday.

Few chimney's are hard enough to come through a severe fire unscathed. There is no such thing as a "good" chimney fire that will safely clean out your flue. With a roar like a fast train, the chimney fire may crack open a flue liner and the fire and this will spread to the structure of the house. The fuel fires generally happen every winter when deposits on the smoke chamber and flue walls build up due to high heat or flames that move up the chimney breast. This is a serious problem for many people and it can threaten your life and your property.

Going back to the recent fire in Elm Road, Evesham the fire may have damaged the chimney and spread inside the property and it took 40 minutes to put it out. I have not yet carried out any chimney sweeping in Elm Road - so they may want to call me out next year to prevent a further fire! Don't delay get your chimney sweep cleaned today.