Chimney's and the marketplace

Posted by admin on Fri, 01/29/2010 - 01:21

I was quite suprised to see on the BBC lots of different chimney's. These are big, small, long and tall chimneys, I also noticed that many of the images are from Flicker. Sweeping chimneys is an old craft. Compared to the past the market is changing. In many new homes have the boiler the flue repressed. Many people find comfort with a lit, cozy and attractive fire. They have a fireplace build, then usually buy a woodburner or a stove. Chimney sweeps are good at cleaning flues. But did you know that that there is an ancient craft using chimney cameras. Some customers with the chimney's in the image below may need a chimney inspection. Many customers of mine have enough information about safe and responsible burning behavior.