Smoke Chimney in Cheltenham

Posted by admin on Mon, 02/15/2010 - 10:07 in Chimney Sweep News

I was over in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire for a chimney sweep and they had a smoking problem. The question was if they had a smoke problem does that mean the chimney needs cleaning?

The answer is it maybe.

I have found smoking problems are caused by many things. Here's a list of questions that I normally ask anyone who has this question:

* Is the damper open or closed?
* How long have you had this problem for?

* When was the last time the chimney was cleaned?

* In a two-story house, is there a window open upstairs?
* Is the kitchen stove, or bathroom vent fan, on?
* Does it smoke when it is windy?

To correct this type of problem is normally not a problem. Write down the answers to the questions then give your chimney sweep a call. Check that you have not got a cracked window in your woodburner or that the size of your woodburner or fire is incorrect.